1. Changing the language of the website

a / select the "My account" icon


b / choose the desired language


2. Changing the website currency

a / select the "My account" icon

b / choose the desired currency

3. Ordering

a/ once you have selected a product you want to buy, add it into the shopping cart.

b/ once added into the shopping cart, you get confirmation that your product has been added into the shopping cart

c/ your shopping cart icon has changed and inform you it contains now 1 product

d/ if you want to order now you can directly click the [Proceed to Checkout] button or click on [Continue Shopping] … to continue shopping!

e/ once you have done selected the product(s) you want to buy, you can click the shopping cart icon and start the checkout process by clicking [Proceed to CheckOut]

f/ enter all information My Shoes 2 Go require to ship you the product.

g/ On the payment section, if you pay by credit cards, all credit cards we support are displayed, if your credit card is not there you can only pay using Paypal as an alternative solution. 

Ensure you check the “I agree to the terms of services …” checkbox otherwise you cannot order!


i Even if our system is very secure for payment, we recommend to never store credit card information, on any site!

ii We will be glad to enhance our payment system, just inform us that your credit card is not accepted, we will see if we can integrate it as a payment solution.

h/ Once you have entered all information about your credit card and checked the agreement checkbox  you will be allowed to Order by clicking [Order With Obligation To Pay]

i/ if you want to pay using Paypal, this is similar. Select Paypal payment solution, agree with the terms of service and click on [Order With Obligation To Pay] and follow Paypal payment process.

j/ That’s it. Thank you to have made an order to us!